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Yusen Air & Sea Services offers door to door services to and from Japan, Asia , North America and Europe through our Global Network.

In response to the rising demand for truly global logistics providers, we have developed and strengthened our ocean cargo transportation services in addition to our air cargo services.
We are capable of handling both air and sea cargo movements of not only Japan but also overseas utilizing our global network.

We have enhanced our services by introducing our own consolidation, customer?s clearance and vanning.

We operate our own consolidation service to / from Japan, USA and Asia / China, both LCL and FCL.

We meet every customers logistics need by combining all three modes of transportation, including air, sea and land throughout the world with about 150 offices in 30 countries overseas.

We provide not only safe transportation but also warehousing and complex services including storage, packing and customs clearance for export and import.

Many companies are oursourcing their manufacturing overseas. This has led increase in the number of ? triangle??shipments.Yusen is able to handle such traffic by issuing B/L in the respective third country, provided there is a YAS office in that country.

Supply chain management (SCM)is the key to managing everything from procurement to production and distribution , and will pave the way to a distribution system that will keep you ahead of the pack.We partner with corporate management to integrate a wide range of services and advance information systems that leverage our expertise and unique know how to assist you in developing the exact logistics solution you need.

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